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Joe Martinez grew up with a wrench in his hand, His Family owned Roberts Auto wrecking in Engle wood Colorado. Joe started racing Go-Karts when he was 7 years old. When Joe turned 16 he started racing stock cars on the dirt as well as a blown big block '55 Chevy at the drag-strip. Joe was on the crew of racing legend, Wayne Stallsworth as well as the Mark Rush team. Joe also considers himself fortunante to have been "Over-the-wall" on an ASA, and Southwest Tour Team. Joe has also helped out on a few Busch and Craftsman Truck teams. With all that under his belt , Joe has this to say about Matlock racing,


"Westside Towing/Matlock Racing has been an incredible team right out of the box, Get used to us, we will be around for a long time"